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Pre Wiring Packages...

Be ahead of the curve consider automated window coverings. With increasing demand from consumers for motorized shades and blinds, this is an opportunity to use pre-wiring packages with every new home buyer. You can offer 3 basic packages and let your clients decide.

img Conveniently Adjust Hard to Reach Windows...
Simple To Specify

Consumers are sure to identify with the lifestyles benefits associated withe automated window coverings. Windows that are typically hard to reach - skylights, behind counters or bathtubs and high windows - are now convenient to adjust with a touch of a button. And it's simple to suggest a pre - wiring package that can easily be rolled into the homeowners mortgage payment.

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Product Automated By Somfy© include:

With Somfy, take control of your interior window coverings... Somfy offers an innovative and simple line of completely battery-powered WireFree™ motors. These motors install in minutes and provide a perfect solution for areas where access to traditional power outlets or wiring may be a challenge, such as skylights and doors. This allows the ability to create the best living environment with optimal natural light levels at the press of a button. WireFree Call us for more information about an Somfy Systems Integration Expert for motorized window coverings,.

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Simple Wiring

Somfy also offers a variety of options to maximize the performance of your motorized shades such as timers, sensors and even solar charged options; additionally controls are available in colors and styles to suit any preference and every décor type.

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Pre Wiring Packages

Motorized Shades, an innovative solution for controlling natural light. Motorized shades offer a convenient solution to every day challenges. They provide privacy, glare reduction and eliminate the need to manually adjust heavy or hard-to-reach window coverings. .