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The myLinkTM RTS Smartphone and Tablet Interface !

We have helped clients for fifteen + years design exciting yet functional window treatments for the home and office. Innovative Solutions For Everyday Living. An Enhanced Sense of Well-being, Controling the light and your enviroment - Live and work Comfortably. We guide clients in their selections using their existing colors and textures, taking into account light sources, to ensure a coordinated, attractive design. The Tattered Window serves Central Washington with friendly service, expert knowledge and professional installation..

Control your window coverings!

The Somfy myLink™ is a simple device that turns your smartphone or tablet into a sophisticated remote control for motorized products featuring Radio Technology Somfy®.Supports Up/Down/My/Stop commands and incremental control (tilt/brightness)
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Comfort & Convenience!

Use a smartphone or tablet to operate motorized products whether home or away. Effortlessly manage sunlight to reduce glare, increase privacy, or let the sunshine in to create the ideal living environment. Create different scenes that incorporate a variety of motorized products across different channels.

New Product Inovation


Effectively reduce heat, and your reliance on traditional air conditioning, with the Somfy myLink™ app & smartphone or tablet. Research has shown that an exterior shading system can reduce cooling costs up to 60%. Exterior screens are designed to filter out UV rays that otherwise pass through window glass. You'll be able to preserve your outdoor view while reducing glare and protecting your valuable home furnishings from fading. The SRS screen has the additional benefit of being insect proof. To fully enclose your living area from pesky bugs, we add a brush on the hem bar for a seal along the bottom of the system..
Wireless Remote

Home Automation!

More about Home Automation: What if you could transform any room in your home into the perfect atmosphere with only a simple touch. 5 Channels Each myLink can control up to 5 individual motorized products or 5 groups of motorized product which provides practical and flexible control options. Schedules & Scenes Create timed events and operate multiple motorized applications together to create your preferred ambiance and maximize the benefits that shading systems offer such as energy savings, privacy, glare control, etc.Scalable Use multiple myLinks together for a whole home control solution. Easy to Use Intuitive plug-in design and on-screen setup wizard allows you to enjoy your myLink in a few short minutes.
Somfy Radio Technology

Home Automation!

Somfy Radio Technology, home automation installation can be upgraded at any time without costly building alterations. With Somfy, home automation has become simpler and more versatile and brings significant long-term benefit to your property. It can be used with single retractable awnings and solar screens or a house full of interior windows. Call Today.

Somfy myLink™