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Blog -The PowerView system

The PowerView system can be operated via the PowerView App or via two different types of Pebble controllers—a Pebble Remote Control or a Pebble Scene Controller.

To reduce the risk of strangulation to children, systems using Motorized Remote control are much safer.

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The PowerView Pebble Scene Controller features an advanced display screen that lets you conveniently preview and select room scenes—different combinations of shades and shade positions—that you previously programmed using the PowerView App. The PowerView App unlocks the full potential of PowerView Motorization. Using the App on your smartphone or tablet, you can create and schedule customized room Scenes that allow your shades to operate on their own throughout the day.

WithPowerViewTM Motorization,experiencetheabilitytotransformthelightandmoodthroughoutthehomewiththe push of a button or tap on a mobile device. Through the latest innovations, harmonizing your window treatments to merge seamlessly with the rhythm of your life has never been easier

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